In the wake of President Obama’s recent election, gun sales have increased by an astounding 18.4-percent, an indicator that the American public is concerned about maintaining and keeping their rights to bear arms and personal weapons.

After President Obama’s first election in 2008, gun sales soared from 11.2 million the following year to 12.7 million. With background checks clearly on the rise, shares in Smith & Wesson and Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. also have recently increased, reinforcing America’s Second Amendment, the Right to Bear Arms, with full force – but not absent from political uncertainty and the potential for injustice.

The unfortunate July 20, 2012, Aurora, Colorado massacre where James Holmes allegedly murdered 12 people and injured 58 while moviegoers watched the midnight premiere of Batman’s latest adventure “The Dark Night Rises,” reignited U.S. gun debates.

While President Obama stated in one of the Presidential Debates this last October that he was a proponent of reintroducing an assault weapons ban, the National Rifle Association and other gun proponents are clearly concerned that this ban may lead to restrictions being imposed upon the Second Amendment and creating a drastic slippery slope effect.

Former President Bill Clinton introduced a ban that severely limited the use of semi-automatic weapons in 1994. This ban expired in 2004 and has not been replaced. Clinton’s ban included weapons with threaded barrels, restrictions on magazines with more than 10 rounds and a pistol grip and bayonet ban.

However, with the country’s vast checks and balances system, President Obama would have to pass any gun restrictions before a Republican majority House of Representatives. Most gun owners fear that assault weapons will be the primary targets of a Democratic campaign to limit gun ownership, which is why some states have seen an increase in these types of weapons selling within the last several months.

Many small business owners who specialize in selling firearms, ammunition and hunting supplies worry about the government’s potential involvement in firearm restrictions, specifically its negative effects on the fragile U.S. economy. In addition, many businesses and hobbyists rely on the firearm industry, whether it is hunting, shooting, target practice, taxidermy, gun accessory companies, scouting and hunting excursion outfitters, ammunition manufacturers and even government licensing jurisdictions. Tourism is also a large component that could potentially be affected, as thousands of hunters converge on Alaska, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico each year to take home a coveted prize trophy. Without those valuable revenues, many local economies are bound to be negatively impacted and suffer.

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