Gun enthusiasts generally agree that the Ruger LC9 is an impressive firearm. It also comes with a beautiful set of gear that any gun enthusiast would be pleased to add to his or her gun collection: a finger rest magazine floor plate, a zippered pouch, lock and flush, all which tuck nicely in the infamous Ruger logo box.

This small weapon is designed for concealed carry and Techna Clip, a leader in gun belt clips, offers a convenient Ruger LC9 gun clip. This clip is easy to install, conveniently tucks into front pockets and is lightweight and non-bulky, making it ideal for both men and women.

The Ruger LC9 is an achievement, solidly built with excellent safety features, but also highlights plain looks that make it simple, streamline and impressive. As a subcompact weapon, Ruger specifically took the time to focus on the concealed weapon’s market, designing the LC9 to accommodate civilian concealed carry.

The LC9 is lightweight and the magazine features a flush floor plate and a finger rest, which are easy to interchange depending upon personal preferences. This sleek, sophisticated gun features smooth, rounded and almost futuristic like lines, making it comfortable and non-bulky for concealed carry. Ruger placed the controls in easy to reach places and after several hundred dry fires, the trigger creep smoothes out to a beautiful, worn in finish.

Empty, this handgun only weighs 17.1 ounces, but it has enough weight to easily absorb the recoil of the heavy-duty 9mm bullets. Additionally, it’s lightweight enough to withstand all day concealed carry with a Ruger LCP belt clip.

Taking the gun apart is simple, requiring minimal tools. This can be accomplished by emptying the gun, pushing the takedown plate down, slightly pushing on the muzzle and driving the takedown pin out. Shooters have reported that the only ammunition the LC9 is not compatible with on the gun range RWS 124 grain FMJ ammunition.

Shooters also report that the weapon has excellent accuracy for its small mass and lightweight. Rapid shots continually stay on target, even shooting up to 25 feet. The low profile features three-dot sights, which are superior improvements over previous models. Both rear and front sights are able to drift-adjustment for windage and the rear sight can conveniently lock for additional stability. 

A solid gun for Ruger, this gun is competitively priced with other subcompact guns within its field. Overall, concealed carry holders’ give this durable weapon two thumbs up.