In a day and age where politicians can simply hire rent-a-crowds to maintain the illusion of popularity, New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, has formed Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG). While this sounds good – who doesn’t want illegal guns off the streets – this smoke and mirrors group has some people talking.

MAIG gives the illusion that it’s backed by a significant group of prominent citizens that are deeply concerned about our nation’s gun violence issues. However, upon further examination, this group is merely made up – not of grassroots American voters – but of paid activists, politicians and liberals.

In a nearly comical rally, MAIG released a statement that in September 2013, eleven states would hold events that demanded officials to begin conducting comprehensive background checks. This release even stated: “Polls have found that 82 percent of gun owners – including 74 percent of NRA members – support this tough-on-crime measure.” Sounds good, right? Not so fast, remember there’s a comical angle.

When MAIG supporters arrived in Ohio to rally … what actually happened was 100 gun owners showed up to protest gun control and demonstrate support for the Second Amendment. The media arrived to cover the event. After several hours, two MAIG supporters arrived, only to retreat upon seeing the pro-gun crowd. After several minutes, five additional MAIG supporters timidly set up a banner. One women read a statement that she supported background checks. The pro-gun supporters stepped up their anti-demonstration tactics and soon afterwards, the MAIG supporters left.

So where were the 82-percent of gun owners that MAIG claims supports their cause? Simply stated: the illusion of MAIG is simply a smoke and mirrors tactic that has no gun supporters, but is simply backed by wealthy public relation geniuses. Once you remove the money and well-written press releases, MAIG is left with a banner and the muted voices of five people.

In contrast to MAIG, the National Rifle Association has 5 million Americans who support gun ownership. The Buckeye Firearms Association has 44,000 locals that believe in the Second Amendment. It’s estimated that in America, nearly 80 million people own guns. These people are real – not simply a smoke and mirrors political illusion.

So the next time politicians want to take aim at the heart of Americans, calming stating they want to strip away our Second Amendment rights, perhaps politicians should remember that smoke and mirrors can be bought with hefty amounts of money, but real support is something that is earned.

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