Think the U.S. government is taking gun manufacturers for a ride? Think again. Just this past month, six gun manufacturers announced they would not sell their products to government agencies that limit and/or impose restrictions on the rights of private gun ownership.

A little backhanded? Perhaps. But, who can blame gun manufacturers, as they are at the front and center of this heated government debate – one that centers on the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms. In response to the government’s overbearing and intrusive actions, gun manufacturers simply closed their doors to government purchases. In essence, these manufacturers are making a stand – one where they are refusing to provide aid that allows the government to essentially enforce inequality, creating two classes of people – the government “haves” and the citizen “have-nots.” Of course the “haves” are defined by those that are permitted to own guns and the “have-nots” as those that are restricted from freedoms granted by the U.S. Constitution.

Gun manufacturers that have joined this united stand include:

  • LaRue Tactical – They have limited government purchases to only what law-abiding citizens are permitted to purchase and possess. No longer will they help give the U.S. government an edge over its citizens.
  • Olympic Arms – Taking a far more forceful stand, Olympic Arms has announced that the State of New York, Law Enforcement Officers, Law Enforcement Departments, First Responders and any New York State government agency, employee or entity will no longer be served as customers. In effect, Olympic Arms has exercised their right to determine their customer base and the government of New York is no longer welcome as a client.
  • Extreme Firepower Inc., LLC – While law-enforcement agencies are exempt from firearm restrictions, Extreme Firepower does not see eye-to-eye with these government regulations. In fact, if they produce a product that is not legal for a citizen to own, they refuse to sell that same product to any law-enforcement agency.  Talk about leveling the playing field.
  • Templar Custom – Refusing to sell to the State of New York, which perceives itself as being better than their citizens, Templar Custom has also announced that any New York State entity, employee or government agency is no longer a customer of their corporation.
  • York Arms – With recent New York legislation passing that prohibits rifles and receivers being sold to New York residents, York Arms has decided to extend this provision to all government agencies associated with the State of New York. This has result in government agencies not being sold rifles, short-barreled shotguns, short-barreled rifles, silencers and machine guns.
  • Cheaper than Dirt – Company policy now states they will not sell to any government agency, county, city or municipality that restricts gun ownership.

Helping take a stand for America’s rights and in favor of our forefather’s U.S. Constitution, these six gun manufacturers deserve a standing ovation for fighting for citizens’ freedoms, especially in today’s government-controlled, lemming-ridden world.

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