A number one choice for gun owners and concealed carry permit holders is the Glockpistol. Smooth on the tongue and easy to say, the timeless Glock has an appeal like no other gun in history. A top choice among law enforcement, criminals commonly desire this smooth, sleek weapon. Highlighted in Hollywood movies, rapped to in music lyrics and used by nearly two-thirds of all U.S. police departments, this choice weapon was designed in 1982 and has enjoyed a steady increase in popularity.

Designed by Gaston Glock, this innovative designer decided to reinvent weapons that were currently on the market, designing a completely new handgun. Native to Austria, he asked various experts what changes they would recommend to a handgun, especially one set to dominate the modern-day era.

Experts agreed that handguns should have a significant ammunition capacity, while simultaneously being reliable and durable. Handguns with minimal recoil and high reliability were also must-haves at the top of experts’ lists. So, Gaston Glock took all of these recommendations to heart and created a top-notch weapon that has been highly sought after for years.

The Austrian Army adopted the original weapon, the Glock 17. Holding up to 17 bullets, this handgun only contained 36 parts. Unlike other semiautomatic handguns, this weapon did not have an external safety or decocking mechanism. This lightweight model was easily interchangeable and could be submerged, dropped and subjected to extreme temperatures, which made it the ideal army military grade weapon.

It was not until 1988 that the Glock became an integral part of America’s gun culture. With the American drug trade at an all time high, many police officers wanted a safe weapon that would give them peace of mind. With significant ammunition capacity and a light body frame, the Glock quickly won over police stations nationwide.

The Glock has an easy learning curve, which makes it a dream for novice officers. With a lightweight profile, officers report an increase in accuracy and an extremely steady trigger pull, which means less recoil that results in a safer weapon.

Marketing was an advantageous product of making the Glock so popular in America. Creative endeavors included having the Glock appear on popular nightly dramas, such as “Law and Order” and the popular Bruce Willis flick “Die Hard 2.” Suddenly people could not get enough of this staple Glock weapon. Within mere years, the Glock was a common household word and people around American could easily recognize this popular handgun.

It wasn’t until 1991 that the first Glock mass shooting occurred. In Texas, 20 people were killed and within hours, Congress was meeting to determine if the Glock was indeed a safe weapon to have on U.S. streets. In fact, the ultimate result was President Clinton’s Assault Weapon’s Ban in 1994, which resulted in decreasing magazine capacities to 10 rounds. The company eventually overcame this ban and proceeded to propel itself into gun infamy.

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