There are a number of firearm home safety tips that parents and children should practice. Being fluent with a weapon can literally save someone’s life if an intruder breaks into a home. The top tips include:

  • Direction – A gun’s muzzle should always be pointed in a safe direction, which is defined as never being pointed at another person.
  • Finger – A finger should never be placed on the trigger unless the weapon is ready to be fired. This rule has no exceptions, even if the gun’s safety is on.
  • Unload – When not in use, firearms should remain unloaded. Always point a gun in a safe direction until it is determined if it is loaded or unloaded.
  • Operation – Being fluent with the feel of a weapon is necessary for a shooter to feel comfortable. The shooter should know how to safely remove the magazine and any ammunition.
  • Storage – Firearms should be stored away from children and intruders in a safe, locked cabinet, storage case or gun vault. It is important to have rules in a home about who may or may not handle a gun.
  • Ammunition Storage – Ammunition should be stored away from firearms in a locked cabinet.
  • Gun Locking Devices – These types of devices render weapons inoperable and are a good safety device in addition to locked storage.
  • Safety Guidelines – Everyone in the family should be familiar with gun safety guidelines, including explaining not to touch weapons without an adult being present.
  • Care – Firearms require care in order to prevent unsafe operation. After use, firearms should be unloaded and thoroughly cleaned. They should then be stored in a safe, locked location immediately.
  • Education – By simply teaching children and families about the importance of gun safety, lives can be saved.

Programs, such as Project ChildSafe, have provided families with more than 36 million complimentary firearm safety kits. This program is available in all 50 states, including the five U.S. territories. Since 1998, more than 60 million locking devices have been provided to firearm owners via gun manufacturers.

Originally sponsored by the U.S. Department of Justice, in 2008 the government cut Project ChildSafe funding. Firearms manufacturers stepped up to the plate and took on the task of funding this life-saving project.

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