Smart locks and smart guns are two types of technology that are often classified into a single category. Techna Clips highlights information about smart guns and how these weapons are personalized and customized to gun owners.

A smart gun uses RFID chips – also known as Radio-Frequency Identification – to wirelessly identify shooters. Fingerprint recognition is also a form of verification, as it uses several algorithms to determine if the proper registered owner is in fact handling and discharging the firearm.

Proponents of stricter gun control believe this type of advanced technology would ultimately decrease accidental misfires and prevent criminals from using stolen weapons. While this type of smart technology may make gun owners feel safer, it also has a downside. The NRA believes this is a form of gun control, ultimately preventing weapons from being sold amongst friends, family and acquaintances, as the gun only recognizes a single owner.

In fact, some advanced technology uses a Verichip, which is a microchip that is permanently embedded under the gun owner’s skin, allowing him/her to activate the gun. Gun activists also say that technology is bound to fail and a life saving situation isn’t worth the effort to trust faulty computer chips and not being able to pick up guns to fire and save lives. Even these advanced technology manufacturers admit that there is no electrical or mechanical device that can guarantee 100-percent reliable. For many gun owners, this just simply isn’t worth the risk.

Hollywood is still pushing for smart gun technology, albeit it through the advanced tech spy series “James Bond” or through the movie “Aliens.” In fact, some video game manufacturers are also taking aim at younger generations, helping get the heat off their products while simultaneously satisfying gun control activists.

Experts say that within the next year advanced “smart gun” technology is set to hit store shelves. This biometric authentication, Identilock, is similar to a Smartphone, in that it attaches to the front of the weapon. If someone grabs the weapon, the authentication is approved and the device releases from the gun, making it possible to fire. Advocates of gun safety are concerned how well this product will work in home invasion scenarios where mere milliseconds can determine life or death.

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