There are several firearm rules that concealed carry permit holders must follow to ensure that gun safety is exercised. Techna Clip highlights the most common deadly sins that are practiced by concealed carry holders.

  1. Practice Ammunition – Defined as ammunition for steel targets or indoors shooting, practice ammunition should never be confused with regular ammunition. Practice ammunition is designed to shoot through paper targets and ends up in a steel backstop. It’s not designed to fragment or expand when it hits a target, as self-defense ammunition is designed to do. Practice ammunition simply isn’t effective stopping an attacker, as it doesn’t expand or slow down when it hits a target.
  2. Cup and Saucer Grip – This dainty style of handgun grip mimics the butt of a gun resting on top of an open palm. By simply using the dominant hand and resting it on the non-dominant hand, how does this accomplish holding a weapon in the best possible manner? Instead, consider using dual grip support for maximum accuracy.
  3. Muzzle Control – It’s important that gun carriers’ stay in control of the muzzle at all times. This is the only way to make sure a gun’s aim is accurate and safe. To help improve aim, consider purchasing a laser, as this shows exactly where the muzzle is aimed at all times.
  4. Racking – Instead of racking the gun back with full force, some people simply pinch the slide with their thumbs and index fingers. Instead of doing this in a dainty fashion, it’s best that shooters apply pressure and slide the gun back quickly and effectively.
  5. Finger – Never leave the finger resting on the trigger, as this is how most gun safety accidents or self shootings occur. Instead it’s best to practice having the finger remain off the trigger and to the side, even if the weapon is unloaded or the safety is on.
  6. Aim – There is nothing worse than people who feel the need to shoot gangster style, tilting the weapon 90 degrees in an attempt to look cool. Instead, shooters should use the natural point of aim to accomplish the best shooting strategy, which will ultimately help improve accuracy and aim. To find the natural point of aim, it’s best to close one’s eyes, deep breathe and then aim the empty weapon at a point. Now, open the eyes and see if line of sight is still lined up. If the aim is slightly high, move the feet back, as this can lower the aim. The opposite works for lower aims. By doing this exercise and adjusting the body, shooters will learn what the most natural position for them to shoot is.
  7. Stance – It’s important that shooters have the proper stance, never shooting with a bowed back. It’s vital that feet are shoulder width apart, feet are side by side and shoulders are in front of the waist. This stance will help improve shooting accuracy.

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