Across America, people are shouting out, debating if concealed and open carry laws help deter firearm related crimes. While our founding fathers felt very strongly that every American had the right to bear arms, state and federal government statues cannot help but weigh in on the issue. With attorneys analyzing every constitutional word, groups want a “yea” or “nay” answer: are firearms indeed a constitutional right or a something that can be stripped away by congress or the executive powers that be?

With this looming debate, a local San Angelo, Texas, group wants their legal gun carrying rights expanded. In fact, in April 2014, The Tom Green County Chapter of Open Carry Texas staged an armed stroll to demonstrate their continued right to bear arms.

With nearly 60 members, this group says their goal is to increase constitutional awareness and promote more education about the benefits of open carry movements and gun ownership rights.

Proponents and members of this group believe it is their constitutional God-given right to protect themselves against tyranny, oppression and self-defense situations. They believe that openly carrying guns gives law-abiding citizens the right to help effectively detour crime.

Nationwide, other advocates have spoken up, saying that nearly 90-percent of the nation – while varying degrees of percentages are agreed upon – believe that concealed carry laws should be permissible.

This small Texas gun rights chapter is trying to raise awareness and campaigns that help promote concealed carry laws, allowing people to defend them accordingly in life and death situations.

Coming as quite a shock to many, Texas is only one of five states that prohibits open carrying of modern firearms, such as rifles, black-powder revolvers and shotguns. Any antique revolver that does not use a rimfire cartridge or centerfire is not illegal under state laws. While it is legal to open carry in 45 other states, Texas residents want to raise awareness that it is not in Texas.

This group of individuals is striving to start their own movement, one that gears towards educating the public about the benefits of open carry, concealed carry and the necessity of self-defense. As this group gains further public exposure, they strive to draw awareness to the benefits of open carry and allowing criminals to visibly see weapons, which can help detour criminal activities.

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