When obtaining a concealed weapons permit, it is important to explore the safety benefits and advantages to help ensure fewer mistakes and increase self-education.

  • Plan – Not having a plan is a significant mistake for many new concealed gun holders. A concealed weapon is never to be carried without having an area to check and rearrange gear on a daily basis. This may include a bedroom, secluded office, or bathroom and in public, it could include a store, restaurant or bathroom stall.
  • Printing – This term means that the outline of the firearm is visible through clothing, which can cause people to call the police or make them uncomfortable. To help avoid these types of situations, purchase a gun belt clip that fits snugly and seamlessly through clothing, such as a Techna Clip Ruger LCP clip, Sig P238 belt clip or a LCP 380 holster. Techna Clip is regularly coming up with new holster models to accommodate the latest concealed gun releases.
  • Poor Training – Not receiving enough training can be harmful when having a concealed weapons permit. It is important that shooters not only have basic initial training, but they also regularly refresh their skills with additional training and regularly practice. Consider enrolling in nearby courses that focus on area rules instead of out-of-area rules that can confuse concealed permit holders more about local regulations.
  • Wrong Size – Purchasing the wrong size of pistol can be detrimental to comfort, aim and accuracy. When purchasing a gun, as a professional gunsmith, what type of weapon best suits body shape, size, and comfort level based on fast-concealed weapon drawing. They can provide tips based on loaded weight, right and left hand dominance, etc.
  • Clothing and Attire – When practicing concealed carry, it is important that appropriate attire or clothing is worn. There are many different holster or storage solutions on the market, so it is important to find solutions that fit individual lifestyles. Techna Clip is a unisex solution that works well for both men and women.
  • Incorrectly Carrying – Despite what many concealed carriers may believe, it is impossible to carry a concealed weapon everywhere. State and local laws depend on regulations. Some states do not allow concealed carry near airports, hospitals, schools, or government buildings. If concealed carry holders are not sure if concealed carry is acceptable, it is best to leave their concealed weapons at home.

By following the aforementioned common mistakes that concealed carriers make, it can easily result in fines, damage or even jail time. Multiple offenses can result in concealed carriers forgoing their licenses. Being safe rather is than sorry is the most important rule to follow when leaving the house with guns.