A tactical flashlight can help provide necessary light when using concealed carry weapons. These tiny, petite and compact flashlights are lightweight and resemble tactical weapons. A tactical flashlight is made of several different materials, including aerospace grade aluminum. These types of flashlights are designed to withstand high impact stress and feature textured grips, anti-roll profiles and is compact enough to easily to fit in pockets.

Reasons Why Carrying Tactical Flashlights and Concealed Carry are Important

  • Self Defense – Flashlights and concealed carry handguns are necessary for self-defense situations. Modern-day tactical flashlights are exceptionally bright and can help temporarily blind attackers. They can also help shooters position themselves for optimal self-defense shooting distances, helping improve aim and accuracy, should attackers lunge and try to attack. Bezel-edge flashlights are also good for helping daze attackers, as they offer the assistance of cracking skulls or at a minimum, causing head wounds.
  • Identifying Threats – Lights help identify threats, helping people check their cars in dark parking areas for signs of thieves, stalkers or attackers. This also gives people enough time to withdrawal their conceal weapons from their gun belt clip, should an attacker be looming nearby.
  • Emergencies – Carrying a flashlight can help save lights. For example, the tragic shooting in the Aurora movie theater could have benefited from an intense tactical flashlight, so people could have seen the shooter and targeted him earlier. Flashlights can also help temporarily blind shooters, giving crowds chances to wrestle them to the ground, if it is not appropriate to shoot a concealed weapon into crowds.

How to Hold a Flashlight when Using a Gun

There are several different techniques to use when holding a flashlight and gun. Techna Clip offers a brief description of several different options.

  • The Chapman Technique – This old-school FBI method involves holding the flashlight like a sword and resting it next to the weapon.
  • Neck Index – This technique focuses on balancing the flashlight near the side of the face and holding the weapon with one hand. This allows the attacker to focus on the light beam near the cheek, instead of the gun.
  • FBI Technique – The FBI technique involves holding the light in an upward direction, away from the body. If the attacker aims for the light, no vital organs are likely to be hit.
  • Popular Flashlights – Popular flashlight models include Surefire, Fenix, Streamlight and several other models. Many YouTube channels offer detailed review of specific tactical flashlights specifically for concealed carry guns.

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