As concealed carry becomes more and more popular across the U.S., more gun owners are investing in high-quality iron sights for their handguns. These after market sights are effective, but are also a matter of personal preference and taste. Techna Clip highlights the latest

  • Snake Eyes Tritium Night Sights – This Glock pistol sight is perfect for self-defense and shooting in close quarters. It is offered by Techna Clip and works well in low light conditions and is manufactured using only the highest quality of military grade metals. Durable and exceptionally reliable, this tried and true classic is a standout masterpiece.
  • AmeriGlo Ghost Ring Sights – Different from the standard traditional gun sights, this round ghost ring-style sight features a tritium insert. The system boasts excellent accuracy and is fast and easy to use, especially in low light conditions. This sight is extremely durable, which makes it excellent for everyday wear or use. The low profile is designed to give a rounded appearance that won’t get caught up in clothing, especially in concealed carry draw situations.
  • Heinie Straight Eight SlantPro – This awesome iron sight is durable and features a slanted base, which is designed to resist snagging. It features a two-dot sight system, which makes it superb for low light conditions.
  • Hi-Viz Sights – This American-made manufacturer has designed an effective sight that is especially easy to use in poor lighting. With a steel base, these sights won’t break, even under rough conditions. They are also backed by a one-year warranty.
  • Meprolight Tru-Dot Tritium – These sights illuminate without the use of batteries, which makes them exceptionally popular. In fact, more than four million people worldwide prefer this low-profile sight that is durable and tough.
  • Trijicon HD Night Sights – This popular sight offers full visibility with an extra large phosphor lamp built into the front sight. This is available in a variety of colors, including green, yellow or orange.
  • TruGlo Brite-Site – These sights feature a low profile design, which makes them fast and easy to draw in emergency situations. Their Tritium Fiber Optic technology makes these sights easy to use in low light conditions, while simultaneously not drawing attention to the shooter’s location.
  • XS Express Rear & Big Dot Front – This sight is durable and highly visible. It is perfect for revolvers, helping shooters improve their aim and accuracy. The target allows for easy focus in low light conditions and the rear sight features a wide V-shape that makes it tough and exceptionally easy to use.
  • Heinie Straight Eight SlantPro – This durable sight features a slanted base, rounded edges and is snag resistant. The two-dot sight system is perfect for hitting targets in low light situations.

Techna Clip offers a selection of concealed carry accessories, including gun belt clips. Their clips are easy to install, don’t add any bulk and make any gun belt clip virtually invisible and easy to conceal.