A tactical flashlight mounts to a handgun and is ideal for low-light shooting conditions. Smaller than traditional flashlights, these tactical flashlights are designed for maximum durability and are made of weapon-grade aluminum.

Tactical flashlights are among the most underestimated personal defense tool.

  • Tactical flashlights identify threats, especially if attackers are using darkness to their advantage. A bright flashlight helps eliminate attackers stalking shadows and shining one on an attacker can be enough to thwart a potential attack.
  • These types of flashlights can help disorient attackers. When an attacker is momentarily blinded by a bright light, it gives shooters an advantage to defend themselves. Human nature is to cover the eyes, buying you at least three to four seconds to either attack or flee your attacker.

There is a wide variety of tactical flashlights on the market. When shopping for one, consider staying within personal budgets and preferences.

  • Size – Opt for a tactical flashlight that attaches to the gun or if carrying one, consider one that is no bigger than a pocketknife.
  • Disorientation – To disorient attackers, select a flashlight that is a minimum of 120 lumens.
  • Simple – Select a flashlight that has simple features that makes it easy to use during an attack. Many flashlights offer strobe, SOS, brightness functions, etc. These can be difficult to remember how to operate when facing an adrenaline rush during an attack.
  • Waterproof – Always purchase a waterproof flashlight so it will remain working in the rain or other wet conditions.
  • LED or Incandescent – Incandescent bulbs can easily break when dropped, while LEDs can withstand tough, rugged conditions. Additionally, LED bulbs last far longer than incandescent bulbs.
  • Rugged Construction – Purchase a flashlight that features anodized aluminum, is light, rough, features an easy to grip base and is ergonomically comfortable.

Whether using a tactical flashlight that is attached to a handgun or a simple handheld model, if you believe an attacker is nearby, experts recommend following this sequence:

  • Light on
  • Scan environment and look for threats
  • Light off
  • Move
  • Repeat

This helps prevent the attacker from knowing where you are at all times. The attacker will likely shoot where he/she last saw the light shining. By turning off the light and continually moving, your chances of survival dramatically increase.

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