In 2012 and into 2013, many stores saw severe ammunition shortages. Political battles, fear and an economy turned upside down caused many people to run out and purchase large amounts of ammunition. This ultimately led to an unprecedented ammunition shortage.

A trying time for hunters and shooting enthusiasts, many of who could not locate their favorite ammunition, those that were able to find ammunition to purchase paid more than an arm and leg. In fact, the ammunition that was available was so overly inflated that gun owners in political panic mode still ponied up wads of cash to replete their ammunition stashes.

Fortunately, the ammunition dry spell is beginning to show signs of slowing. This time served as a valuable lesson for shooters and gun enthusiasts and the following are lessons that can be learned from this hectic experience.

  • Dry-Fire – During the ammunition shortage, many people found themselves weighted down with awesome guns – most of which served nothing more than cool paperweights. This trying ammunition drought saw an increase in dry-fires instead of actual shooting. In fact, the benefits of dry-fire practices are substantial and even well documented by professionals.
  • Common Sizes – Gun owners that thought they would be exempt from experiencing the ammunition shortage because they owned common caliber weapons were wrong. When an ammunition drought hits, the first thing to go are the common calibers. Gun owners should consider adding a non-exotic caliber firearm to their collections.
  • When to Buy – When ammunition is plentiful, it doesn’t hurt to stock up. Ammunition, unlike other commodities, doesn’t go bad so there’s no harm in keeping a small supply at home.
  • Reloading – For gun owners that use a significant amount of ammunition annually for practice or hunting, consider reloading ammunition to save money.
  • Vendors – Supporting good vendors means that consumers are less susceptible to ammunition scalpers, which are just looking to make a quick buck in a volatile market.
  • Supply Chains – The final lesson that was learned through the ammunition shortage is that even supply chain stores can’t be counted on in times of crisis. Their shelves were just as bare – if not more so – of ammunition when the prospect of gun-control legislation was laid on the table.

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