Techna Clip is a leader in creating innovative gun belt clips. They strive to work with concealed gun carriers to protect their rights, while promoting lightweight holsters that are designed to help people defend themselves in life and death situations.

The media is use to drilling in the public’s heads that guns kill people, not people kill people. However, unless people dig on conservative news story sites online, they likely will never learn the true value of guns: that in fact, guns safe lives.

Generally, most defensive gun situations never involve pulling the trigger, but simply scare off intruders and threats enough to get them to back down from dangerous situations. If someone approaches a concealed gun carrier that is carrying a Ruger LC9 clip and the intruder is carrying a knife, pointing it at the concealed carrier, the concealed carrier in turn draws his/her weapon, the intruder with the knife is likely to back off and leave the situation. If someone were in this situation and did not have a self-defense weapon, the results could be quite different, even deadly in most circumstances.

American gun owners report that within the last five years, between four- to six-percent report using guns for self-defense-related reasons. That equates to hundreds of thousands of life and death incidents annually. However, these potentially deadly incidents, which were diverted by carrying a gun belt clip are avoided by the media, as they focus on the deadly consequences of shooting rampages.

Additionally, self defense weapons are also helpful in animal attack scenarios, such as if coyotes, pit bulls or other animals attack people, concealed gun carriers or even children.

The media even inflates shooting related murder numbers, including teenage gang shootings and fights into statistical figures. As London has proven, countries that have unarmed victims make it far easier for criminals to commit gun-related crimes. Countries with strict gun-control laws, such as Mexico, Russia and Brazil are also excellent examples of how murder rates increase when gun laws are strict and rigid.

Just as Prohibition led to a plague of violent gangsters, murders, crimes and deadly fights, the same is true when guns are taken away from people. When people are denied access to everyday objects or items, criminals find a way to torture and wreak havoc on the lives of law-abiding citizens. Instead of relieving the challenging times of Prohibition, the American public needs to stand up, take charge and refuse to let politicians take away their rights to the Second Amendment.

Giving the government control to American’s rights to practice self-defense is a right that was bestowed upon citizens by their ancestors. As studies have proved repeatedly, a society without guns is not safe. In fact, it creates a society that is unsafe for citizens of all ages.