Chicago has among the strictest gun control laws in the entire U.S. Rahm Emanuel, the 55th Mayor of Chicago and outspoken member of the Democratic Party, repeatedly cites his beliefs that stricter gun control will decrease Chicago’s murder rates. But his outspoken agenda has failed, time after time.

A judge finally forced Chicago and the rest of Illinois to promote concealed carry laws. They are still very strict compared to other states and obtaining a permit is a burdensome prospect, much less trying to even purchase a firearm within the city limits of Chicago. However, this difficulty does not apply to criminals or convicted felons, as they are easily able to get their hands on their weapons of choice, killing more innocent citizens than ever before.

This is where Emanuel completely misses the idealism practicality in the Second Amendment, which gives citizens the right to bear arms. While more criminals are able to easily get their hands on weapons, he is attempting to further restrict law-abiding citizens freedoms, while essentially supporting the rights of criminals. The last time I checked, felons are not even permitted to vote or own guns, yet Emanuel’s agenda somehow misses these vital checkpoints. He somehow does not hold criminals personally accountable.

The felons that are released, caught with guns, are given multiple chances in a court system. Labeled as “redeemable” in society, they simply are released only to go back to the streets to purchase more illegal weapons. Chicago is not missing gun laws. It is actually quite simple. What Chicago is missing is enforcement of these laws.

Syracuse University completed an in-depth study on federal firearm enforcement in 2012. After reviewing 90 jurisdictions, Chicago came in dead last. Under George W. Bush, Chicago saw 11,000 prosecutions, while under President Obama, there have only been 7,700, but Chicago murders have skyrocketed.

Liberal politicians are not simply idealistic; they have quite an advanced agenda. Gun control does not affect the liberals making these rigid gun control laws. These laws affect everyday citizens, preventing them from protecting themselves.

Flashback to Memorial Day weekend 2015: 55 people were shot and 12 were killed in Chicago alone. What was Rahm’s response? That more “community action and stronger gun laws” need to be enforced. The results never change, except that existing enforcement is decreasing.

The way to fix Chicago is simple. A good person is what stops a bad person with a gun. Contradicting all liberal philosophies and thinking, this is why our forefathers had the insight to include the Second Amendment in our constitution. And the reason we can read this article is because our forefathers made Freedom of Speech the First Amendment.

As for Rahm, the message to him is clear: decrease gun laws, make it easier for law abiding citizens to defend themselves and start putting violent criminals in prison.


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