As fall’s hunting season descends on several U.S. states, many areas are open to trophy hunts, big game hunts and small game. An exciting, adrenaline fueled rush, hunters look forward to this season annually.

Each state has hunting regulation guides and rules, which are subject to change annually and/or without notice. It is recommended that hunters confirm with each individual state for precise and accurate information.

Below are popular hunting states and some examples of game that are currently in season.

  • Alaska – Residents of this state receive priority over non-resident hunters. Most hunting areas open for fall season in August and September.
  • Colorado – For the 2012 to 2013 hunting season the following types of hunting are permissible with an approved archery permit: deer, elk, plains deer, pronghorn bucks, pronghorn does, moose and Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep. Muzzleloader season includes deer, elk, moose, plains deer and pronghorn antelope. Rifle deer, combined deer and elk and separate limited elk are also permissible. There is an option for rifle late elk, rifle plains deer, rifle late plains deer, rifle pronghorn, rifle moose and black bear.
  • Idaho – Deer season is open a number of different dates from September 15 through December 1. Archery season typically opens earlier. White-tailed deer is open between October 10 and December 9, depending upon the unit and area. Elk season varies by location and zone, however typically runs August through December. Pronghorn antelope controlled hunts are generally open September 25 through October 24. Black bear season varies depending upon the area and typically offers fall, winter, spring and summer hunts.
  • Montana – Antelope season runs between August 15 and November 11, bighorn sheep between September 5 and February 15, bison from November 15 through February 15, black bear between September 15 and November 25, deer and elk between September 1 and November 25, moose between September 15 and November 25, mountain goats between September 15 and November 15 and upland game birds between September 1 and January 1.

Every state offers precise information about permissible hunting areas, what type of weapon can be used during certain time periods and even when hunting with a dog is acceptable. Each state’s Department of Natural Resources regulates this information.

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